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Mr LOH HAI PENG is the founder of Bold Vision Sdn Bhd. Bold Vision Sdn Bhd was established on the 23rd April 1991. We specialized in colour and custom compound material design and development for the plastic industry. We work together with our customer to formulate product that fit our customer desired requirements in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery.

Quality Management Principles

In the pursuit of the highest level of customer’s satisfaction, and the business growth arising from this, BOLD VISION has adopted the 7 principles of the Integrated Management:

The Customer Focused Organization


Engagement of People

Process Approach

Continual Improvement

Evidence-based Decision Making

Relationship Management


Quality Policy

BOLD VISION SDN BHD committed to provide best solution and service to meet customer expectation of Cost, Quality and Delivery. In order to effectively carry out this policy, we make the following commitments:
  • Complying with Customer and applicable Statutory & Regulatory Requirements.
  • Identifying Risks & 0pportunities that can affect conformity of our products and services.
  • Maximizing Customer Value through improving the smoothness of work.
  • Cost Reduction through elimination of waste in all business processes.
  • Development of Human Resources through providing appropriate training to all employees whose activities have a significant impact upon the products and services.
  • Continually Improvement of our product design, processes and overall quality management system's efficiency and effectiveness.

Lean Manufacturing Policy

BOLD VISION SDN BHD committed to apply Lean Manufacturing System and Practices to reduce costs, eliminate waste, increases productivity and maintaining high levels of quality through below:
  • To promote Lean Manufacturing Awareness and Training
  • To identify type of waste and eliminate the waste
  • Continuous Improvement mind-set throughout the whole organization
  • To focus on adding value to the customer by achieving lower cost, faster delivery, higher flexibility, and better quality
We use several tools to create a successful Lean Manufacturing environment such as the 55 implementation: Seiri (Sorting), Sefton (Simplify or Setting in order), Seiso (Cleanliness), Seiketsu (Standardizing) and Shitsuke (Self-discipline).

Safety & Health Policy

The Occupational Safety and Health of every employee, customers, suppliers and visitors of BOLD VISION SDN BHD are our main priority. Management accepts responsibility for developing, implementing, and directing the Safety and Health program, and to evaluate this program to ensure its effectiveness as stated below
  • To provide and maintain a quality, safe and healthy workplace at all time.
  • To identify and complying with customer requirements, legaI and other requirements
  • To promote Safety & Health awareness, training, enhances the safety standards and develop individua I responsibility
  • To control and manage all significant impact and risks. To investigate all non-conformities of product and services, incidents, occupational diseases and taking preventive actions to ensure they are not repeated.
  • To protect employees from hazards and eliminate of work-related injuries, disabilities, ill health, disease, near misses and fatalities.

Environment Policy

BOLD VISION SDN BHD committed to create a clean environment in all our activities, products and services by committing ourselves to:
  • To protect environment through prevention of water, land, and air pollution by effective control measures.
  • To identify and complying with customer requirements, legal and other requirements as stipulated in the Environmental Legislation, Rules. & Regulations.
  • Reduce the impact of our operations on air, water, land, and resources.
  • Continual improvements in our environmental performance through regular review of our ape rational controls.
  • To promote environmental awareness, training and use of environmental friendly product in our processes.
  • To conserve natural resources by promoting 3R (Reduce., Reuse, Recycle) Concept.

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